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Online MS in Civil Engineering: Construction Engineering

Student Stories

Graduates of the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering: Construction Engineering work in a wide variety of construction industry roles. The skills and experience they gain in the program enable them to tackle new professional challenges and advance their careers. 

Enrique Ochoa

Senior Engineer & Operations Project Manager, PacifiCorp

“At the end of the day, credentials matter — getting an advanced degree helps you grow professionally within your current job, and it can also open up future opportunities. It's a great time to be a civil engineer with a construction engineering background, because there's a lot of demand.”

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Guy Bates

Former District Engineer, Coastal San Luis Resource Conservation District

“The distance learning program was important to me, and I really liked it. The asynchronous nature of it was helpful — it was almost like you were in the classroom.”

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Brian Poole

Project Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired)

“What drew me to the program most was the quality and prestige of the engineering program, coupled with the University of Washington — it’s a great school."

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